Islands skinnebus

"Railcar from Island"

   Prislister m.m

News 2016

Welcome to EpokeModeller.

Please open to see what we can do for you.

We offer everything in: Developping and manufactoring of modelrailways - trains and accessories.
2D and 3D drawings for developing and manufactoring.
3D milling of prototypes.
Laser cutting and engraving of wood, plastic, leather, rubber, cardboard ect.
Manufatoring of moulds for short series, prototypes, show- and master models.
Develloping of photeetched metal for industrial and modelling parts.
Casting from resin and white metal in small series.
Special tasks is our speciality

Arkitekturmodel     Model af Gadstrup kirke 1:87

Arkitekturel model 1:100, and to the right lasercut and -engraved model of Gadstrup Kirke 1:87


Longjohn 1:45 Etchet brass assambled and painted- To the right model of Tuborgs Bedford O lorry 1:87

LNJ Sm 13 Solo Railcar og ØSJS SM 15 + ØSJS Sp 6, Railcar og passengercar. The models ar available in the shops


More info about Railcars here ( danish).
Please note: The railcars are only available at dealers!

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